Premium Membership


Before anyone freaks out, you're still going to get a new show every week for free. But since hosting, equipment, beer, etc. aren't free we are offering premium content that will only be available through a premium membership. Just like other KFC Radio offerings the pricing will be $5 for 1 month or $12 for a year. Depending on the membership level you select you will be recurrently charged once each cycle.

What you get with membership

  • Access to AT LEAST 1 hour of additional content per month. This may be an extra hour episode, 2 half hour episodes, 4 fifteen minute episodes, or whatever we feel the best content is. The flexibility will ensure you get the greatest material we have to offer but you will never get less than one extra hour per month.
  • Access to live streaming of the show being recorded. This wont happen for every episode but when it does only premium members will get advanced notification and links to the feed.
  • Early notice for live events, merchandise, giveaways and anything else new that's coming, and trust us, it's coming.
  • Input on the show. We aren't going to flood your inbox but when we have ideas for things we want to try, we'll bounce the ideas off our premium members through emails and surveys.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you helped us grow the show. We have some big ideas but most of these ideas take funding and the premium subscriptions will directly lead to a better show for you.

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