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Serving Time With The $3 Don

OJ got parole so JJ and his dad are talking about prison

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Summer Bucket List

Some girl left a Summer bucket list in an Urban Outfitters dressing room so JJ and his wife go item by item to figure out who this girl is.

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Zimas in Newport

Zima sent over a case, so we drank them in Newport

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Lasting Longer With Clem

Clem is back to talk about how terrible the Mets are, being a dad and trying to put off being a dad.

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A Glorious Time With Keegs

Yuppie Junk is back and so if Keegs. We discuss what she's up to, her Memorial Day Plans and a Burger King trying to act like a restaurant

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Is This A New Episode?

How else would I bring back the show? It's the $3 Don.

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Closing Time

It's been a few weeks so JJ talks about the future of YJ.

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Barstool Idol Contestant Blake Rice

You may know Blake Rice from tricking El Pres at Barstool Idol, but he's done much more than that. A model, actor and comedian, Blake is taking NYC by storm. JJ and Blake discuss the process at Barstool, having his own sketch show and his upcoming show January 28th in NYC.

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Chris Scopo

JJ sits down with Chris Scopo, a NYC native and rising comic. Chris has worked for Bobby Kelly and Andrew Schultz before branching out on his own and kicking off a new podcast of his own. As a native New Yorker, Chris bring his own unique perspective on the world and making it in entertainment.

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Pete Blackburn

Pete Blackburn is a writer for Fox Sports. He got started writing in college, moved to a startup, Uproxx, almost Barstool but is now a part Fox while putting out 3 podcasts a week.

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3 Don Steals Cars

The $3 Don returns to talk about pot legalization, question JJ's living situation and tell a story about riding in a car with blind guy driving.

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Alex Pavone

Alex Pavone is a Canadian comedian with no green card but we're optimistic. He joins JJ to discuss getting started in Toronto, touring around Canada, and coming to America. His dad also fights people with and axe.

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Lyons Day w/ Hot John

Holy shit it's been 100 episodes so we took a break from interviews for an old school episode. Hot John makes his debut to discuss the history of Lyons Day and tell some stories of JJ being a dick. The guys also discuss the results of JJ's physical.

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Gerard Haran

Gerard Haran played 4 years of professional baseball and is now a stand up comic. JJ learns about that journey on this week's episode.

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Sophie Julia

JJ catches up with Sophie Julia. They discuss how she ended up in Miami, at barstool and where she's going. Sophie lets us see how "The Life" comes together and what its like to date a controlling Emmy winner.

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Jay Larson

JJ talks to @JayLarsoncomedy about going from Fiddler On The Roof to filming comedy specials. How does a guy from Boston end up in LA writing TV shows? Jay has an interesting story with ups and downs along the way.

Check out Jay's comedy tour coming to the east right now.


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Amaire Castillo

Amaire Castillo is a comedian based in New York City but raised in New Mexico. She joins JJ to talk about not doing meth, being a model in LA, breaking in to comedy and getting involved with Howard Stern.

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John Jastremski

It's double the JJ this week as @john_jastremski from WFAN joins the show this week. How did he end up at Syracuse? How did he end up at WFAN? Will he be replacing Francesa? All those questions will be answered and a few stories from behind the scenes with Francesa.

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A Night With Kirill

After interviewing Kirill a few weeks ago, JJ went out with him. Was it all that was promised? How much champagne was poured? Where was it poured? Everything you want to know about the night out and some of your questions are answered.

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Ryan Budds

Comedian and TV producer @RyanBudds joins JJ to tell his story. Growing up in Chicago, starting in comedy, and making to move to LA. Plus stories from the road and behind the scenes at Crashletes.

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Selena Coppock

Comedian @SelenaCoppock joins JJ to discuss her career in comedy, how she got started, and being a female comedian. JJ surprises Selena with the story of the real first time they met and stories from filming a TV show together. Oh yeah, Selena's sister is Jan from the Toyota commercials so they talk about her fighting Flo.

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Kirill Was Here

JJ sits down with @Kirillwashere to find out how he ended up getting paid to pour champagne on girls. Find out how Kirill got here from Moscow, his history in the stand up world, and how he ended up where he is today. Also find out about his relationships with The Fat Jew and Simon Rex.

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Yuppie Junk Live

Live from @eastendbar in NYC JJ and @keegs141 entertain the crowd, spin the wheel, and take some audience submissions.

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Corporate Retreat

JJ and @NYCgerm are in Beach Haven NJ for the first annual YJ corporate retreat. The guys discuss the week in beach land, and some updates around the show itself.

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Hampton bays In The 70’s

The $3 Don is back to talk about Hampton Bays in the 70's. Did DUIs exist? What is the "diet doctor"? How do you dominate Boardy Barn? How did the $3 Don fund his summers? All this an more is answered.

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Happy Anniversary

You all heard the process of planning the wedding but now it's been a full year so JJ interviewed his wife about their relationship. How has the first year been? What is the most annoying thing JJ does? How did they meet? What does she think about YJ and Barstool? All this and a few funny stories.

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Trent Takes New York

Trent is in New York, but why? How did he like Joshua Tree, Citi Field and Yankee Stadium? All these questions are answered and the guys discuss trashy TV shows.

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Jared’s First Stalker

JJ and Carrabis get together to talk a little bit about baseball but mostly about Jared's rise to fame. How did he get on TV and radio? What has changed since then? Why have 1,800 MILFs added him on Facebook? Plus the story of his first stalker and filing a police report against her.

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Getting a dog

JJ is joined by RDT to talk about RDT's new dog, their new mutual friend and like in NYC vs. the Baltimore suburbs. Reader submissions include dumping the only girl you've slept with and a roommate who speaks a different language.

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Connor Returns

@Captaincons returns to talk a bit more about being in the military, being 31 with a shore house and picking up girls. Then Conor and JJ answer your questions about relationships and being in weddings when you hate the bride.

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Belly Rings With Clem

Pokemon Go is a problem so JJ got together with Clem to figure out the next game Nintendo should make. They also talk retro games, rank piercings on a girl and discuss the weirdos taking over the NYC subway this summer. Oh yeah, JJ vapes now.

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City Island Living

We've all heard stories about City Island from JJ and KFC, so why not hear them from the only jewish person they knew growing up. How did they used to get beer? Did they pay for it? Learn about everything City Island, and how the $3 Don just thought they were all gay.

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Where In The World Is San Diego

JJ was supposed to go to San Diego but @Delta messed that up. Hear about the adventure to nowhere, how @Delta messed things up and how JJ is terrible at realizing a girls age. JJ's wife joins him to tell her side of things and answer a few questions.

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The Real World

JJ catches up with @CharlieWisco to discuss his experience so far in the real world. They talk cube life, lunch and riding the train to work. Other topics include Charlie's 21st, why JJ can't go out with City Island people and the usual worldly discussions.

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$3 Don The Pusherman

JJ catches up with the $3 Don (his dad) to talk about politics, gun control and other current events. The Don tells the story of the time JJ invented body wash and pitches his own terrible business idea. From there they get down to the business of when the $3 Don was a drug dealer in The Bronx, including how much he moved every week, how he did it and the time he had 35 pounds of weed in his apartment.

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I’m Not Even Supposed To Be Here

JJ went to a Beyonce concert and didn't fit in at all so he called on his brothers in arms, KFC and Clem, to recall times they went to concerts they didn't fit in. KFC ranks his most awkward experiences with Lil Wayne, Drake and Ariana Grande and how he keeps getting roped into these things. Clem joins the show to talk about his experience with the Backstreet Boys and why he hopes AJ dies soon.

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Take Your Podcast To Work Day

JJ recaps the rest of his Montreal trip, why bachelor parties need to stop and how Montreal is like The Goonies. He is also joined by a coworker to discuss what JJ is like 9-5 and what it's like being 27 and single in NYC.

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Bobby Gets Engaged

@BarstoolReags joins JJ just 48 hours before he's going to propose. The guys talk about the process of picking out the ring and how Bobby feels so close to the actual moment.

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JJ and Germ are in Montreal for the weekend on a bachelor party. The guys recap the current situation, predict how the trip might end, and also answer some submissions

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@brendanclancy joins JJ to talk all things @KFCRadio. How did it start? Where is it going? How does it work with Barstool? How are new shows launched? Most if not all questions you've had are answered.

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Philly Live

Live from @FieldHousePHL in the city of brotherly love JJ and @keegs141 host brunch, interact with the crowd, and as always answer your submissions.

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School Spirit

JJ is joined by one of his college friends who picked out a bunch of stories about JJ being an idiot. What was JJ like at 18? How did he have the fire department called on him twice in a day? Why did he put a Livestrong bracelet around his junk?

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How did Prince Die?

JJ is joined by @charliewisco this week to talk about losing your fake ID and losing girls as a result. Later they discuss how Prince really died and how Chyna got overshadowed as a result.

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Haircare with Chief

JJ sits down with @Barstoolchief and they talk about his trip to NYC, his thoughts on the live show, and some sports. The guys also talk media, if grown men can wear sports jerseys and bald guys not giving out enough hair compliments.

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Yuppie Lunch

Live from @eastendbar in NYC JJ and @TheClemReport entertain the crowd, eat some pigs in a blanket, recap Latvia and take some audience submissions.

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Live Show Week

JJ and @NYCgerm catch up after a long hiatus discussing upcoming events, recent trips, some more insight into the $3 Don's birthday party and as always going deep into the submission bag.

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$3 Don

JJ sits down with his dad for this week's show. Topics covered include, his thoughts on JJ's new career, the time he was most disappointed in his son and what JJ was like as a kid. From there they talk about the Son of Sam, getting thrown out of Yankee Stadium twice in the same game and dressing for the job you want.

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City Island Boyz

JJ and KFC get together in a loud bar to drink and pretend to watch the NCAA tournament. They cover JJ bartending, the bars they would open if they could and how Kevin is handling being a dad. With Barstool growing rapidly, JJ asks Kevin if he thinks Barstool is becoming WCW by signing big names.

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Spring Break

Charlie Wisco joins JJ to talk about JJ's new career as a bartender, why Charlie isn't going away for Spring Break. Charlie also unveils his plan to make Big Cat his commencement speaker next year and why he isn't the king of campus.

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Broad Street Bully

Jordie joins JJ this week to talk about growing up in Philly, the best cheesesteaks and how bad Philly sports are. Jordie reveals a big secret and the guys answer your questions.

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JJ is joined by comedian Jared Freid this week to talk about being bros. Actually they talk about breaking into comedy in NY, being on TV, interacting with famous comedians. Then they tackled your questions about squirters, answer a hypothetical and Jared tells you the perfect schedule to use to jerk off. Oh and JJ tell the story of how he knew Shane McMahon was coming back to WWE. Look for more from this sit down on premium this week at

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Iowa Caucus

Trent joins JJ to talk about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit launch party, and how Derek Jeter didn't show up. The guys get political by talking about the caucus and how they could use Twitter to select the new Supreme Court Justice.

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Pre V Day

JJ and Clem get together to talk about teachers and snowstorms, Johnny Football's demise and Super Bowl food. What did they eat and why wont JJ's wife let him have a "fast food party"? If that wasn't weird enough listener questions are tackled.

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Digging Out

With @NYCgerm back, the guys catch up on some YJ history and discuss current affairs behind the scenes. Also including but not limited to Kanye, snowstorms, and of course listener submissions.

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Leaving The Capital

@Barstoolnate joins JJ to talk about leaving DC to move to NYC, what it's like to be the head of Barstool DMV and how to be a proper scumbag on snapchat. As always your questions are answered.

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Major League Barstool

JJ and Carrabis talk about the new branch of barstool, their new show and answer your questions.

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Euro Chuck

JJ and @Charliewisco talk Barstool getting sold, his European escapades, an impending water crisis, and Making A Murderer. Then your submissions are answered about living with girls, moving in and more.

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New Year, Same You

JJ is all alone this week talking about New Years resolutions, social media and the first leg of his honeymoon in LA. Stories include medical weed, Dave Chapelle and rental cars. Then as always, your questions are answered.
Get more later this week by signing up at and access to live the live show on 2/13

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Spags Returns

JJ and Spags talk about the PC world we live in, climate change, the upcoming zombie apocalypse and christmas in LA. As always, some reader questions are dissected as well.

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Yuppie Brunch Live

Live from @eastendbar JJ and @TheClemReport enjoy a Latvian brunch while shooting the shit, interacting with the crowd, and of course fielding some questions.

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@NYCGerm is back in the hot seat. The guys catch on their time apart and how it feels for the show to be approaching the end of its first year. As always they dive deep into the weird sea of submissions.

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In The Army Now

With Army/Navy happening in less than a week, JJ sits down with former Army QB and Captain @Captaincons to talk about his experiences at West Point and in Iraq. Connor then shares his experiences transitioning to civilian life and his reality TV addition before tackling your questions.

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Blinded By The Light

Blind Mike joins the show this week to talk about how he ended up at Barstool Sports, being a "sexist" in college, and completing the 6/12/18/24 challenge. After that we tackle questions from the users, including guys wearing Lulu Lemon, bisexual girlfriends and yet another guy who doesn't know if he should sleep with a girl from a porn.

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Kevin F*cking Clancy

JJ is joined by longtime friend and the head of Barstool NY, KFC. They talk about growing up in The Bronx, not doing heroin, and some of the characters that they grew up around. They also give you some insight into what it's really like to be part of Barstool and how to get involved.

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JJ and Clem catch up on the state of NY sports, how social media has changed our perception of athletes, and why MTV The Challenge is great TV. After that they cover guys loving lingerie, exes who are willing to move and the time JJ lived in a crack house.

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The REAR Admiral

@RearadBsBlog joins JJ this week to talk about being an 8 year vet at Barstool, acting in movies set in Boston, how close to reality "The Town" was and how he got the name Rear Admiral. As always, listener questions are answered including a 25 year old male virgin who turned into a box hound.

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This week JJ talks to @Barstoolreags about living in the midwest, sex with college basketball recruits, Halloween and how JJ ended up on TV last week. Then they tackle questions about living with a couple, haunted houses, and listening to embarrassing music in your office.

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Bidets and Waffle Makers

JJ sits down with Kelly Keegs to talk about the fallout of #Planebreakup, creeps on the internet and a dislike for nudes. Then they go down some weird paths while answering your questions and determine installing a bidet isn't a great idea.

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Living With Ladies

JJ dials up Charlie Wisco in London to hear about hie Euro travels, his sexual success rate and how living with women is going. The guys dive into some questions and probably end one relationship in the process, then JJ gives out a free login to a porn site. Strange as always.

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San Francisco Treat

Germ is back, and JJ is in SF. The guys catch up on recent events while answering some submissions about sex glasses, crazy grandmothers, pyscho boyfriends, long distance relationships, how completely white they are, dealing with work outings, and the peace corps.

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Snake Pit

This week RDT joins JJ to talk about how an attempt at being a real journalist landed him at Barstool, and how someone becomes a "Snake Guy" that goes to snake shows. Of course, listener questions are answered ranging from all girl fantasy football leagues, and the weird things you do before getting married to a follow up from Andrew the virginity taker.

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Toaster Struddle

JJ has Clem on this week to talk the state of NY sports, the pope being in town and they go down some weird discussion paths. Plus a ton of relationship advice from 2 guys that haven't been single in years

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Cult Of Carrabis

JJ is joined by Jared Carrabis of Barstool Boston. They discuss Jareds book, how he got to Barstool and his current relationship with the Red Sox organization. Of course your questions about relationship, sex and business are all answered, with our heaviest question to date.

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Koozie Boyz

Koozies are in, Hoboken is out, 9/11 leads us down a path to farting in hot tubs and boyfriend boners, we also learn that Butch has the fantasy football itch. The guys tackle some submissions about ugly duckling sure things, the communal toothpaste prison mentality, willpower to not get with a crazy layup, parents smoking your hidden stash, dudes with a collection of ex's, butt stuff, and lastly we need listener help to know which girl is the right wedding hookup.

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Southern Hospitality

This week JJ is joined by @mattielouOKTC to discuss the love affair between OKTC and Barstool, the differences between the North and South, and blogging double standards. Of course we dive into your questions and make Mattie feel very uncomfortable.

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Wedding Recap

JJ is back from beach land USA, full of sun super colds and married life. The guys recap the wedding and then answer some submissions about bachelor vs bachelorette parties, going bald, office personas, things you believe as a kid, moving in with randos, dating girls to get out of home, wedding +1's, we're still not quite sure what molly water is but we talk about it, and fake wedding rings to pick up girls.

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Wedding Day

The guys share a bed to discuss JJ's final hours as a free man and his thoughts and concerns before walking down the aisle.

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Young Charlito

JJ sits down with Charlie this week to talk about how he ended up at Barstool and what his game plan is to impress his date at JJ's wedding. The guys then dive into your questions and we find out about JJ's manslaughter case.

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Bachelor Blues

The guys recap their weekend in Chicago for JJ's bachelor party, including him explaining to his fiancé why he had to throw his boxers out in a strip club bathroom. They they dive into your questions about fat girlfriends, crazy girlfriends, and whether your girlfriend can tell you just came in your boxers, plus some guy with only 4 PTO days.

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El Gato Grande

Live poolside from the luxurious Chicago DoubleTree hotel the guys catch up with @BarstoolBigCat to hear a little about his background and barstool experiences, followed up by a trip to the mail bag to answer some submissions.

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Sheriff Spags

This week we have @ChrisSpags from Barstool, talking about the blogging business, working with Katie Nolan and life working at WWE. Plus as always questions about girls getting blown off, what your ex dates your brother in-law, stealing from the office fridge and more.

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Hot Air Baptism

Germ is back checking in from Lithuania with a fresh euro haircut, a hot air balloon baptism, and a colleague who is most likely dead. An big update around Jay Roc's current situation and some more followups on old questions. The guys hit the submission bag and cover girls farting, how much is too much baggage, knocking her up and having to meet the father, honeymoon planning, getting with girls who do heroine, tips on how to get into the IT industry, intern advice, and ways to get guys interested in sex again (we know... this makes no sense)

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Big Daddy Trent

@BarstoolTrent joins the mix this week to dispute some corn fucking rumors and drop some general Iowa knowledge. As always the guys tackle your questions and give a look behind he scenes at Barstool Sports.

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The Clem Report

With Germ dead to mostly dead in Lithuania, JJ sits down with Clem to talk Barstool NY, the Knicks, and weddings. They then jump in to answers questions about long blowjobs, stealing mom's weed and being stuck in the friend zone.

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Germ is back to recount life in the former USSR, confederate flags are out and gay marriage is in, how to get back into single mode, international internship work hookups, hooking up with your boss, do circumcisions while overseas need to be disclosed? Girlfriends giving father day presents to the BFs dad, encountering ex's in unavoidable situations, making the jump from college level game, finding friends in porn, and destroying an engagement that everyone hates with cheating videos.

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Lord Stanley’s Cup

With Germ away JJ talks with @BarstoolChief about the partying with the Stanley Cup and working at Barstool. Plus questions about behind the scenes at the blog, girls with WEIRD fetishes, guys not getting blow jobs and what to do when I guy doesn't call you back after the backdoor.

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Jail Break

YJ goes international as Germ is headed to Lithuania. Stateside we got killers on the loose, white NAACP officials, bridal showers, MILF sex, the "generational flush", intern season, girlfriends having guy friends, best friend love triangles, and snapchat posers.

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The guys recap stepdad mom's new look, the Jets ticket pricing structure, Uber's passenger ratings, brothers being Eskimo brothers, quitting jobs, "the thought that counts", living with sorority girls, becoming a male escort, some wedding submissions, and doing less at work is ok.

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Weddings Suck

The guys are recording remotely this week but still delivering another episode. This week talking Fifa, how terrible every aspect of planning and attending weddings are, and banging strippers again. Plus we have a listener who is fighting off a smokeshow who wants to fuck a coworker on her first day of her first job.

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Memorial Hangover

The pain of buying a wedding ring, stealing remotes, moving to New York, starting your first job, girls carrying hand job kits, and if you can fuck your step sister. Plus a guy got snowballed against his will and decided two drunk guys were the best people to tell.

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Jews In Cars Getting Coffee

Mailtime Live, car services, wedding planning updates, more Tom Brady, bachelorette parties, stealing WiFi, pickup lines, rekindling an old hookup who's now in porn, and lastly is layover sex possible.

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Dad Bod

New Orleans, Spirit Airlines poorness, Tom Brady is guilty, dad bod is no joke, personal items in the office, getting through the wall to your first job, relocating to new cities, random hookups off the street from a cab, and being all about that weed life.

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Baltimore Blues

Ex girlfriend wedding gifts, break down of recent events in baltimore, @CharlieWisco is back with possibly his best business idea to date, snapchat etiquette, and the girlfriends father marrying a skinemax star.

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Yankees Mets tailgate recap, Bruce Jenner and the string of events that have lead us up to this point thanks to OJ, drinks with grandma, lies to keep relationships together, born in 2000 too young? caught on bumble, prom advice, colleague porn on the work network, and some more workarounds to living at home with the parents.

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Locked Up

Aaron Hernandez the man who had it all, #fightfor15 at McDonald's, joint bachelor/bachelorette parties, secondhand sperm, how long is too long to live with the parents, and a quick look at Jay Roc's text messages.

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Purple Dildo

19 innings and 7 hours, can a man survive making all 81 home games? press passes, crossfit, hitting dingers, fake boobs with no degree, proper girlfriend refrigerator etiquette, normal couples finding normal couples, Illinois vs Missouri, ex sex, and one purple dildo to rule them all.

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Moral Flexibility

Business trips, good Friday white castle, Indiana gay pizza, Scientology, and @CharlieWisco is back again with more genius? money making ideas.

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March Madness

Titles can be deceiving as there's zero march madness talk, followed up by Tom Hanks/Carly Rae, the Yankees, wedding dresses, Entourage, plane crashes, gas explosions and as always a flood of excellent submissions.

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Noelle Foley and Wrestlemania

Wrestlemania 31 is days away and excitement is in the air. Special guests @BarstoolNate and @NoelleFoley join us to share their thoughts and predictions.

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Ladies Night

A full episode devoted to the lady listeners, their submissions, quandaries, and thoughts. Don't miss out guys, odds are one of these questions are about you. Also an update from Jay Roc where things have gone from bad to attempted murder.

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Power Hour

In the sprit of the holidays the guys do a power hour while discussing subway punches, racism, fraternities, house of cards, fighting downers with coffee, and some prime submissions.

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Give Every Man His Dew

Doin the dew, snow days, all day drinking events, nipple rings, girls trying to keep it real, most young relationships aren't a thing, every mans guide on how to protect your button downs.

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Aborted Mission

Truffle Butter, Medieval Times, sleep walking blackouts, the dress, Rock N' Jock, I won't say it but it rhymes with shmashmortion, and some epic submissions highlighted by a self 911 call.

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Thawing Out

The guys cut through the cold talking SNL 40, turning 30, free basil (Jersey Sports Fan), a little Yankees, a special call in from @CharlieWisco with his business ideas and as always some great submissions.

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Long Distance

The weirdness continues with a remote recording, the YJ topic sheet is a thing, Grammy nonsense, save the dates, real word catch up, getting old and dealing with doctors, and of course some A+ submissions

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Valentine’s Day at the Russian Bathhouse

In an unexpected turn of events the guys recap the Vegas aftermath, withdrawal, and a valentine's day grab bag of submissions while hanging out in eastern Europe.

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Not Feeling so Super, Bowl

The guys talk about JJ living in Vegas for a week picking up a sports betting addiction. Also your emails about bachelor parties, vacations, drugs and tale about a fused vagina.

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A Beer a Day Doesn’t Keep the Doctor Away

JJ and Germ are astonished all flights don't have WiFi, Vegas is a hell of a drug, the flu is for real, minimal deflategate coverage, the best reddit of all time, and some of the craziest submissions to date.

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Goin up all week

JJ and Germ recap the last week of events, a very special wresting tribute, Rex Ryan, relationship photos, playing catch, hidden baby wipes, the WORST bachelor party and over protective dad's/brothers

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Zero to a Hundred

JJ and Germ sit down with special guest @CharlieWisco to discuss life through the eyes of a college kid, million dollar ideas, rigging elections, a little football and that poop love life.

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New Year, New Show

JJ and Germ sit down to talk holiday travel, new years eve, and a little sports with none other than JERSEY SPORTS FAN

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